Dermatopathology Workshop

ACCO one day intense dermatopathology program

The ACCO dermatopathology workshop is an intense 6 hour education day covering the essential knowledge of dermatopathology required for safe skin cancer management. Register here.  Dates. Your lead educator for this workshop is dermatopathologist, Dr. Alex Nirenberg.

Topics covered are as follows:

  • Histology of normal skin, including variations
  • Melanocytic tumours
  • Common epithelial tumours
  • Biopsies - practical considerations
  • Dermatopathology - dermoscopy correlations
  • Margins - unorientated & orientated
  • Mohs surgery pathology considerations
  • Terminology of dermatopathology
  • The cell in H&E sections
  • Special stains, histochemical, immunofluorescent, immunohistochemical
  • Skin adnexal tumours
  • Mesenchymal tumours
  • Neural tumours
  • Vascular tumours
  • Inflammatory and reactive tumours
  • Look - alikes
  • Lymphomas
  • Cutaneous metastatic tumours

The program also looks at the correlation between dermoscopy and histologic features of common lesions.

The program complete with a mock exam to assist preparing candidates for dermatopathology components of ACCO exams.

Day 1



8:30 - 10:00

Session 1

Morning tea

10:30 - Noon

Session 2


13:30 - 15:00

Session 3

Afternoon tea

15:30 - 17:00

Session 4

Prospective ACCO fellows and advanced diplomats are required to attend this event at some point.

Prof Anthony Dixon

Professor Dixon and Dr Nirenberg

Dr Nirenberg leads our education of dermatopathology, including the correlations between pathology and dermoscopy of skin lesions.

Professor Dixon leads our education of skin lesion dermatology, skin surgery and dermoscopy. All the practical sessions with skin models is overseen by Professor Dixon

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Dr. Nirenberg