Registered medical practitioners and nurses who have completed the Essentials workshop are invited to sit the ACCO Certificate in Primary Skin Cancer Medicine examination. This certifies the doctor or nurse has the training to safely manage skin cancer within the Australia and New Zealand General Practice setting.

The ACCO Certificate examination involves 96 multiple choice questions. 120 minutes is allowed to complete the examination.

60 questions examine the theory of skin cancer and its management. 6 possible answers are provided for each question of which only one answer is correct. Topics covered in these questions include knowledge of:

  • BCC and its subtypes
  • SCC and its subtypes
  • Melanoma and its subtypes
  • Dysplastic melanocytic naevi
  • Basic anatomy of the skin
  • Actinic keratoses
  • Common benign nodules that might resemble malignancy
  • Lipoma and dermal cysts
  • Effecting shave and punch biopsies
  • Efffecting simple excisions
  • Effecting dermal curettage
  • Basic dermoscopy
  • Surgical and non surgical management of BCCs and SCCs 
  • The role of topicals: imiquimod, 5FU, PDT, ingenol mebutate and diclofenac
  • Role of radiation oncology in managing BCCs and SCCs
  • Essential aspects of managing melanoma
  • Theory (but not practice) of skin flap closure
  • Aetiology of skin cancers
  • Recognition and management of common skin surgery complications
  • Equipment and instruments used in simple skin surgery

36 questions relate to clinical images. These are grouped into 6 sets of 6 questions. In each group the candidate must match each of the 6 images with 6 corresponding diagnoses. 4 sets of images are macroscopic clinical images. The last 12 images are dermoscopic images.

Obtaining the ACCO certification is achieved by a score of 60 or more in this multiple choice exam.

At Certificate level, candidates are not required to have skills in skin flap surgery or skin grafting. Candidates are not required to have knowledge of malignancies other than those listed above. Further, no knowledge or skills in dermatopathology / histology is required of certificate candidates.