Registered medical practitioners and other health care professionals who have completed the Dermoscopy workshop are invited to sit the ACCO Certificate in Advanced Dermoscopy examination.

This qualification certifies the person has the dermoscopic skills to accurately diagnose common cutaneous benign and malignant lesions.

The ACCO Advanced Dermoscopy examination involves 96 multiple choice questions. 120 minutes is allowed to complete the examination. Every question involves recognising an image.

The exam includes 16 pages of questions. Each page has 6 images and 6 diagnoses. Candidates must match images with diagnoses. As such on each page the answers A through F will apply once and only once. At the end of each page candidates "submit" their answers and are taken to the next page of the exam. Most of the images in the exam are dermoscopic images, but some pages test your knowledge of histology photomicrographs.

Successful candidates will demonstrate through the exam their accuracy in dermoscopic diagnosis of:

· Superficial spreading melanoma
· Melanoma - lentigo maligna type
· Nodular melanoma
· Acral melanoma
· Cutaneous metastatic melanoma
· Junctional naevi
· Compund naevi
· Intradermal naevi
· Blue naevi
· Dysplastic naevi
· Spitz naevi
· Seborrhoeic keratoses
· Dermatofibroma
· Warts
· Angiomata
· Sebaceous hyperplasia
· Basal cell carcinoma
· Squamous cell carcinoma
· Bowens disease
· Keratoacanthoma

The exam also assesses the candidates understanding of:
· Patterns in dermoscopy
· Fingernail dermoscopy
· Dermoscopy of acral (fingerprint) skin
· Dermoscopic imaging and follow up