There are plenty of great dining choices within minutes of our centre

New Quay Docklands has a host of restaurants to choose from. There are perhaps too many restaurants for the demand. As such, some restaurants come and go and there are several vacant restaurant sites on the harbour at Docklands. Even some of our once favourites have succumbed to commercial realities and shut their doors.

Our scale of scores factor food quality as well as value.

  1. Food poisoning
  2. Do not eat here
  3. Eat here if no other option
  4. Can put a meal together
  5. Meal OK
  6. Good meal
  7. Quality meal - Family favorite
  8. Excellent meal - Family preferred
  9. Not to be missed
  10. Ask us when you go

Out of the large choice within two minutes walk, we suggest you consider some of the following:

Restaurants on New Quay Promenade:
Cafe food 45 New Quay Promenade. 9670 0199 - Our view. This up market cafe is on a restaurant on a jetty over the water. Whilst that might seem attractive it means you can be sitting very close to the water and what is in the water might not be appealing while you eat. The harbour looks a lot prettier from slightly greater distance. Having said that, the food is fine without being spectacular and the prices are fair. It is noisy with the acoustics of the place such that you hear what is happening at every other table. This not a place for quiet meal. Score 6/10

Italian cuisine. 46 New Quay Promenade. 9640 0550. - Our view. A true italian experience, including the accents of the staff. Food quality here seems to depend on the chefs on duty at the time and how busy the place is. We once scored a very overcooked and rubbery calamari. However the staff happily allowed us to order again and did not charge us for calamari. And then in a real italian touch we were served complementary limoncello spirit with desert. At other times when the place is a little quieter we have been served better food without kitchen errors. If they are very busy, try elsewhere. If there are plenty of free tables, eat at Renzo's. - Score 6/10

 cuisine. 12 - 16 New Quay Promenade. 99395952 . Our view. Another of our favourites. This is good quality reasonably priced Chinese food in a pleasant atmosphere. The staff speak very limited English but excellent mandarin.  There is a large variety of dishes and the food is always fresh. The negative with Lotus is wine. They have no idea. There are house wines only at reasonable prices. - The wines are OK. Ask them to show you the bottles available as a house wine and choose that way. That aside, you will enjoy Lotus. Score 8/10

Steak and other largely meat dishes
. 66 New Quay Promenade. 96400808. Our view. We regard this Steakhouse as good as any steakhouse anywhere. There are often specials such as at lunch. Click on the link provided to check current promotions. Steaks are generally served with mashed potato and caramelized onion. There are a variety of sides and sauces to choose from. The wine range is good, - though they do charge more for wine than most establishments on New Quay. Perhaps the biggest surprise here are the desserts. They are the best in docklands if you still have room after the steak.. Score 9/10

Asian / seafood buffet
. 4 - 6 New Quay Promenade 96703889. Our view. If you are after a large all you can eat time meal then this restaurant is for you. The quality of the buffet is good and the service nice. The buffet features oysters, prawns and other seafood. There is also a carvery with a daily roast. The desserts are a special treat at this buffet. In the evening they serve two sittings so there is limited range of available times. The best value is at lunch time. The price is a lot less, though fewer hot main options are offered. Score 7/10   

Restaurants just off New Quay Promenade
Turkish Halal cuisine. 23 Aquitania Way New Quay. 9602 2234. - Our view. Achelya is the closest restaurant to our facility. It is a favourite with our many guests who prefer to eat halal cuisine. Yet the restaurant is licensed and serves food options such as bacon. The menu is turkish / middle eastern. Dips are a specialty. There is a range of banquet options offered. Reviews tend to be mixed. Service here is slow. 6/10

Le Cirque Fine Foods
Breakfast or brunch
. 27 Star Crescent Docklands. 9670 7771 (About 300 metres from Boyd building) - Our view. If you are after a quality breakfast with real coffee at realistic prices before your day at a workshop then this is our suggestion. There are no harbour views here. The open door restaurant is located in the mall area of Harbour Town shopping centre. The food is quality and prepared fresh. The coffee is great and has been voted best in Docklands. We agree. You can get great eggs with extras of your choice and coffee or tea here for under $20. Fruit salad and other choices are available. Service is also great. Being open to the air it can be chilly in winter. They have limited outdoor heaters. 7/10 

Restaurants a little further away
Nine Elephants
Thai cuisine 67 Village Street. 9670 9909 - Our view. Nine elephants restaurant is a small restaurant the other side of Etihad stadium from Boyd building. The food here is genuine thai food, rather than an "Australianised" type style that is found elsehwere in the region. Food is fresh and beautifully prepared. If you ask for your food here to be hot it will be really hot. If you like thai food that is very spicy then request "medium" hot at Nine elephants. Everything here from the bread to the noodles and rice will delight. The wine list is small but fine with realistic prices. This place is worth the longer walk. 8/10
Australian. Victoria Harbour Promenade. 9642 1880. On the waterfront looking back at our workshop from across the water. Our view. This restaurant is the best option of the choices on the Victoria Promenade strip. The restaurant emphasises local produce in their cuisine. Food is good but not inspiring. Seafood is a specialty here. The menu is broad with pastas and risotto along with typical Australian fare. There is a separate bar area which sometimes has local singers performing. Score 6/10