Limitations on distribution and recordings
You will appreciate that numerous pictures of patients are contained in each and every presentation Professor Dixon gives. In the main his patients are happy for him to reproduce their images in this education setting. Dr. Dixon advises his patients that the images will only be shown by him to doctors in their furthering of skills and knowledge in managing skin cancer. Dr. Dixon also advises his patients that the images will only be used by him personally and copies of their images will not be released to any third parties without their specific consent to do so.

Some case studies including patient photographs will be supplied in pre conference reading material. Other than this, to reproduce or distribute Professor Dixon's presentations to people attending his lectures or workshops would be in conflict with the understanding and consent as he discusses it with his patients. We trust you will understand the patient confidentiality / privacy aspects that prevent our providing detailed notes with extensive patient images.


In consideration of these patient privacy / confidentiality issues, It is a condition of this program that registrants will not film or record material presented during the course other than hand notes taken at the time of the course.